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Fifteen contemporary arts and crafts designer-makers exhibit their latest collections annually in November.

It is always a one night, one-off evening that has been described by visitors as a magical, warm, and personal event that they look forward to each year. It is a fun way of shopping for unique pieces and it is an opportunity to share a glass of mulled cider and nibble on a mince pie and get to know the very talented artists personally.

CC15 began eight years ago and consists of a core group of eight designers. A further seven exhibitors are selected each year to take part.

This year CC15 will take place on Monday 23 November 2015 at the Unitarian Church Hall, Victoria St, off Emmanuel St, Cambridge CB2 1EW. Doors open at 12 noon and will close at 8.30 pm.

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All content on this website is copyrighted by the attributed artists represented here.

d h m s
Teasing red
Jo Tunmer original prints
alison H 4 tree bird coasters
Alison Hullyer Illustration
amanda 2015
Amanda MacPhail, ceramics
roxana Early one morning
Roxana de Rond Illustration
katharina 20115
Katharina Klug ceramics
Amanda MacPhail
Rhiannon 2015
Rhiannon Thomas wire design
jo t Caught Between Two Wheels green
Jo Tunmer prints
cambridge christmas 027
Rhiannon Thomas wire design and cards
alison h Grass
Alison Hullyer - original prints
jonathan 2015
Jonathan Deer jewellery
edel Handy 1
Edel Hopkin - hand sewn books
rhi work
Rhiannon Thomas wire design
jo t cards floral small
Jo Tunmer prints
Ali Tait
Alison Tait glass
roxana 2015
Roxana de Rond illustrations
Rhiannon Thomas wire design
roxana Bookstore 3D
Roxana de Rond Illustration
Alison H Bene't Street bikes
Alison Hullyer Illustration
amanda cambridge christmas 220
Amanda MacPhail ceramics
alison H 2015
Alison Hullyer Illustration
ali tait vase
Alison Tait glass vase
jo T 2015
Jo Tunmer prints
Alison Tait glass birds
Alison Tait glass
ali t 2015
Alison Tait glass
edel 2015
Edel Hopkin - handmade books
cc13 show
Jo Tunmer cards
Jo Tunmer prints



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